Monday, 8 June 2009

In Conversation with 'Ragz'

In Conversation

with 'Ragz'

April 2008

(updated slightly 8th June 2009)

A little background:

Quoting Ragz on her own – she
is listed as a singer songwriter ‘born and
raised in a land coloured by northern lights
and fairytale creatures.

Her music is of spellbinding, acoustic tones and
weaves intricately with her soul tingling voice.
‘ before adding the following quotes:
“A crowd hushing voice & enchanting songs"
Richard Twine, L*A*W*M

“The epitome of beatitude of appearance and voice”
Alicia Rose
“Siren with star quality” –
Jade Wright, Liverpool Echo

“The songstress is breathing new life into her craft with
the rest of us looking on in amazement. A great girl
and a fine composer ladies and gentlemen”
International Online Music Magazine

I myself discovered her at a recent festival called the
Not Part of Festival when she played after me
and I was spellbound..

This was truly beautiful and haunting stuff and made
me want to contact her for an interview.

The interview itself took a bit of time to arrange,
and Ragz t give her credit got back to her quite
quickly, but owning to personal problems has
being delayed in getting put up online until now.

A huge sorry to Ragz for this, but here is the
interview in all of it’s glory!

For more information on her – please go to

Since then as a little update on 8th June 2009,
I know Ragz is still gigging and is also
now now working on a new EP, which I look
forward to hearing also in due course.

Thanks to Ragz again for all of her patience here.


Andy N

Setting Sun:

How are things and what’s happening
at the moment?


Things are really good and quite all over the
placeJ I’m on tour promoting my EP at
the moment and I feel like a
backpacker – it’s great J

Setting Sun:

Next, can you tell us a little bit about your music
– who fired the starting pistol as I like to say
sometimes etc?


My voice and words are what drives my songs and
it’s safe to say that my music is acoustic. I write
to let my emotions out. I think my upbringing fired
the first gun, so to speak. My songwriting was a bit of
a hidden factor, so when I finally started letting it
out at the age of 20 it was so bottled up it
took a very emotional turn. I’m still

Setting Sun:

Music-wise, what are your influences and
who are you listening to at the moment?


Through my childhood I would raid my
dads’ vinyl collection, not sure if he knows.
But with that came an instant love for
anything from Simon and Garfunkel
and Janis Joplin to Jackson 5. Later
came names like Jeff Buckley,
Tom Waits, Ray LaMontagne and
Kate Bush. Right now it’s Beirut
and Amy Winehouse.

Setting Sun:

I know from speaking to you previously
you play concerts on a regular-ish
basis? How does your approach
change to playing in your studio work?


For me, the approach is very similar. It’s
the song and the emotions it holds that
control the moment. On stage and
in the studio it comes alive and
I like to let it lead. Off course,
in the studio you get to stay
with each song for longer. It’s the
same journey, but it’s lived out on a
different timescale.

Setting Sun:

Probably my favourite song of yours
is ‘Breathe‘ – can you tell us a little bit
more about that song?


“Breathe” was written very, very early one
morning after a week of no sleeping.
Sometimes your mind and body tightens
up so much, you loose perspective and
the ability to relax.

The song was written to remind myself
and anyone else that you need to let
go to move on.

Setting Sun:

What’s next for you? Do you have any
recordings planned etc?


After the Tour, I hope to go back into the
studio and record new songs.

They’re all stored up and ready to
be captured on tapeJ

Setting Sun:

I normally ask people next where they
are from but I know you are currently
living in Liverpool, and I know what a
hot bed for gigs and local talent it is
over there, so I won’t ask what is
the local scene is like over there so
instead I’ll ask you have you seen
any good concerts recently over


I’ve been missing out a little lately
because of the tour, but it’s normally
the local acts that inspire me.
Great bands and talented artists
who haven’t, and might never,
make it to TV or to the main
stream marke, can do much more
for me than most polished big sellers

Setting Sun:

What would be your dream job if you
were not a musician?


I don’t dream of other jobs, to be honest.

I have nightmares though… it normally
involves being trapped and falling, so
hopefully I’ll never have to work as
an elevator bell boy(girl)

Setting Sun:

What would you like to be doing
when you are 60?


I hope I’m in love and still playing...
Maybe I have finally taught myself to
play the accordion properly.

Setting Sun:

Lastly, what will you be doing when
you are 60?


I think I’d like to leave this question
open. “Hoping” is one thing, but actually
trying to set the scene is scary!

Besides, I’m a sucker for surprisesJ


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