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In Conversation with 'Eye Butterfly'

In Conversation with


September 2007

(Slight update 9th June 2009)

A little background:

Eye Butterfly borrowing what they say
On their myspace.com describe themselves
As a ‘female fronted electronic / industrial
Act based out of Toronto, Canada with a pro

They describe their influences as wide ranging
As ‘Switchblade Symphony, No Doubt, Madonna,
NIN, Kylie Minogue, Lacuna Coil, Aphex Twin,
VNV and Dead Can Dance’ which I think you
Could say from a ‘Setting Sun’ perspective
Is varied even by our tastes, but certainly
With a influence list as wide ranging as that,
It was only natural ‘Setting Sun’ had to
Check them out.

Of course as you may have guessed
From the very fact this interview
Happened, I was pretty well blown away with what I
Heard (I certainly wouldn’t like to try and describe
To you what type of sound they as I have all of the
Above with the possible expectation of Kylie and maybe
No Doubt but take it from me, it was first rate)
And I contacted Valerie from the band and the enclosed
Interview followed shortly after.

Apologizes to Valerie for the delay in posting this

Since the original interview back in 07 (Speaking
as 9th June 2009), Valerie has released
one great single '“Broken Wings” and has another
on the way 'Vampire, I do' which is due soon.

From looking on her website - I can't see any
sign of a album but here's hoping one surfaces
shortly, as I think she is talented enough.

Make sure you check them out on myspace.com



Setting Sun:

How are things and what’s happening at the


Things are great! What’s happening now is a
new song that’s what!

A very talented fellow by the name of
(Ivor 'Tweed8' Stines Front man of the
band '8 Digital') has submitted the first track
of the established band collaborations project
I’ve started. I am working on vocal
ideas as we speak!

Setting Sun:

Can you next tell us a little bit about the
History of ‘Eye Butterfly’ – i.e. –
what started you off etc?


EyeButterfly started off as a duo. Myself,
“Valerie Linaker” (vocals and lyrics) and
“Greg Kowalcyzk”, (programming and

Greg and I came together on a let’s see
what happens basis in 2004. Things
went well, starting off with A face in the Crowd,
and Butterfly. Then followed, Elektroboy,
Pandora’s Box,Obsession #101, and Broken Wings.

Shortly after Broken Wings was written in
(2006) Greg left the band. I took on the
name and continued EyeButterfly as a
solo project. The idea now, is to,
find new members and (or) established
band collaborations! You can find
more info on that at the official EyeButterfly
website or myspace page.



Setting Sun:

Next can you tell us a little bit about your
musical influences and what are you listening to at
the moment?


My musical influences are all over the map. I never
stuck to any one genre or sound. I listen to everything
from R&B to Metal. Alicia Keys is a great technical
soul singer and Lamb of God, let’s just say
“god speed!” Hehe, I could go on with this
one forever…. J Type O Negative is in my ipod
at this time.

Setting Sun:

Do you play concerts? How do they compare to your
studio recordings? Or if you don’t – do you have any
ideas how you would approach it?


I would say concerts are definitely hands down better
than studio! Studio’s can be fun with the right people.
Concerts are great you can somewhat screw up during all
that expended energy, jumping around the crowds moving
with you. Studio’s are like going to the dentist sometimes,
you have to get the right vocal takes. Hehe Really I love it all
even the creative writing part owns my heart…..

Setting Sun:

Have being really enjoying all of your songs on
myspace.com in particular ‘Pandora’s Box’ which drew
me in particular probably of because Louise Brooks
released one of my favorite films ‘Pandora’s Box’,
but anyway – can you tell us a little bit more about
this song?


Pandora’s Box is a perfect example of where
EyeButterfly has been going lyrically.

First, let us begin with a brief
description of the Greek
mythological story "Pandora's Box"

Basic Story: Zeus, upset with
the brothers Prometheus and
Epimetheus for having successfully
brought fire to humankind,
decides to even things up by introducing
disease, death, and sorrow.

Zeus orders Pandora to be created
and gives her as a gift to Epimetheus.
In the original tale these dark gifts are
held in a jar, not a box. She is told to
never open the jar, but the gods and
goddesses have also made her
urious. (The jar was kept locked
up by Epimetheus, who did not
want humankind to suffer.)

Pandora finally opens the vessel,
realizing what she has done, but
cannot slam the lid back on fast
enough. Plagues etc are then
released, with the remains of

There are different more
in-depth versions of the tale,
which can be found at the link
provided above.

In Valerie’s version, she sees
Pandora as the woman that
entices you, the lure the temptress.
Could Pandora be the jar/box? Giving
her captor the key o her heart and
sexual desires, she entices him quickly
to fall in love. After time, all temptations
die and love becomes a disaster
rather than a celebration. He
finds out she is dark and unhappy.

Pandora doesn’t let him go to
easily and tries to trap him. She takes
back the key! In the end there
is one last bit of hope…

Basically the lesson here is to get to
know your partner before jumping and
getting tattoos of each other’s names
on your fingers! hehe

Setting Sun:

What’s the inspiration out of interest
behind your name ‘Eye Butterfly’
which I think is lovely I must admit.


Thanks! Here’s the name break down.

Eye (1 beginnings) The Perception
and evolution through each trial

Eye - (1 beginnings) The perception
and evolution through each trial
we endure. (Love, fear, illusion,
obsession etc).

The window of the soul tells all!
Butterfly - (10 endings or outcomes)
Defines how we bloom through our love
and life experiences, no matter what the
outcome. Hopefully you can see your
outcome as a positive even if negative,
as we must all learn from our mistakes.
The Butterfly will always call for her
lesson, eventually we should all bloom.........
do you have the time?

A lyric taken from the latest
EB single "Broken Wings"

"I wish I, could unleash the
Butterfly in me." "I'd send her out to
find the one who's right for me,
define the one who's right?"

Put the two together and you are
embracing adventure "EyeButterfly"

Setting Sun:

What’s next for ‘Eye Butterfly’? Do you have any
more recordings / gigs planned etc?


Once the previous song mentioned is ready I will go in
and record with Ivor.

Setting Sun:

Anyway, a few more light hearted questions to
finish off with – firstly, where are you from?
What’s the music scene like where you are from?


I’m a Vancouver native and now live in Toronto.
The Toronto scene has been very welcoming of
EyeButterfly I am very thankful for that. EyeButterfly
has been getting airplay at the local clubs here
in town and has definitely made a name for it self.
The people here are great, when they find something
they like they really embrace it!

Setting Sun:

What would you be your dream job if you
were not ‘EyeButterfly’?


That is a very tough question, in which I
have no answer for. All I can say is that I would
do well in whatever it is that I chose!

Setting Sun:

What will you be doing when you are 60?


When I am 60, I will be an old wise woman staring
at the stars and thinking of how I created them!

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