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In Conversation with iLIKE TRAINS

In Conversation with


July 2005

(Slightly up-dated 11th
June 2009)

A little background:

This interview like the also recently published
Napaloon IIIrd interview (which will be re-uploaded
on 'Setting Sun' in due course I promise) came
through a promising little new record label in Leeds
called "Dance to the Radio", who I heard about
orginally through "This Etal", who I
interviewed back in January this
year.(2005 - SS)

While I found "This Etal" very enjoyable,
perhaps a "Franz Ferninard" I could enjoy,
"iLIKETRAINS" was something else

The single and also the mp3's available
for download on their website are chilling
post-rock perhaps Sigor Ros like featuring a
sound like to Stuart Styles, the lead singer
of the Tindersticks more than Nick Cave,
with dark harrowing tales of obession
and what comes after it, before
in some cases where the music
becomes like a voice itself, spiralling
deeper and deeper out of control
before it pulls itself back together.

Interested by it, it became obvious that
I should interview them and so
I sent them a quick e mail and
this is what followed from it.
Thanks to the guys in particular
Simon for their hard work - I look
forward to hearing the next single
which may or may not be about

For more information - please visit
them on their website:

Since the interview, (as off 11th
June 2009) the band have certainly
gone to do quite well for themselves
with two albums being released
' Progress Reform' and 'Elegies
to Lessons Learnt' and a whole host
off singles I ain't gonna mention here.

Currently they have also announced a
big tour for October 2009, which
makes me wonder if another release
is on the way.

Cheers again, lads. Can't wait
either way!

Cheers Andy N

Setting Sun:

How's things and what's happening at the moment?


Things are good, but I’ve just come back to work
after our first tour.

We’ve just released our first single, and I’m
led to believe it’s selling very well.

Setting Sun:

Can you now tell us a little bit about the
history of iliketrains - who fired the
starting pistol etc, etc?


Guy and I go way back, writing songs and making
noise. We met the others while at university in Leeds.
You know, exciting and original.

Setting Sun:

What are your influences (music wise)
and what have you been listening to recently?


Musically we have taken the post rock template laid
down by Sigur Ros as our base.

We’ve added a sprinkling of wry dark lyrics a la Nick
Cave or Morrissey to heighten the drama, and left it
to simmer for a year or so.

This is what you taste today. Its best served with a side
order of Joy Division, Velvet Underground or Scott
Walker. That makes no sense… sorry.

Lately we have been listening to the demo by a band
called Shady Bard from Birmingham… they’re grrrreat.

Also Leeds types ¡Forward Russia!, This Et Al and
Napoleon iiird are on heavy rotation.

Setting Sun:

I know from looking at your website that you tour
fairly regularly. How do these compare to your recordings
so far? Is their one you prefer over the other?


We do gig quite regularly, but have only just
finished our first proper tour.

I understand we come across a lot better
live, but I’ve never seen us live so I can’t comment.

Which do I prefer?

They both have the potential to go
really well or indeed not. I couldn’t choose.

Setting Sun:

I love your current single as
released on Listen to the Radio
and find it quite interesting it is listed
as a part 1 and 2. Can you tell us
a little bit more about it and
what led you to the decision to
release it as a two part track?


Thank you. BTCC tells the story of a
man obsessing over a girl, to the
point of stalking her, and threatening
to hurt her new boyfriend. Part
2 continues with the same characters,
but is set after an escape
from the mental asylum.

It’s very straight forwards if you listen to the
lyrics and watch the videos…. I think.

Setting Sun:

Can you tell us also the signifiance of the name
of ilikeetrains as it certainly caught me out when I
first saw it's name?


It’s a cynical marketing ploy. An attempt to sell
records to a criminally ignored demographic:
those people that stand at a station platform
with a notebook, anorak and flask of weak
lemon drink. Has it worked? Not really.

Setting Sun:

What's next for you? Do you have any more gigs /
recordings etc planned?


We have a few gigs planned, but our main
priority is to get into the studio to
record a new single.

We hope to release it around the beginning of
October and go on tour around the same time.

The new single is possibly about chess.

Setting Sun:

A few slightly more light hearted questions to
finish off with - firstly, what would be your dream
job if you were not a rock n roll act?


Bed tester. You could sleep all night and get paid
for it. Leaving plenty of spare time to do other
stuff like hang gliding for instance.

Setting Sun:

What would you like to be doing
when you are 60?



Setting Sun:

What will you be doing
when you are 60?



Setting Sun:

Lastly, nicked from a pal's Zine in away
"Imagine you were ship wrecked on a desert
Island and could have (clearly second sight
here - lol) the choice of having 5 records
or cds with you with a stereo of course.

What would be your desert island discs?"


Ok, well I have asked around, and it goes like this:

Dave: Beck - Odelay

Guy: Scott Walker sings Jaques Brel

Ash: 100% Reggae Volume 1 (for some tropical vibes).

Alistair: Belle & Sebastian – If you’re feeling sinister.

Simon: Reckons he’d bring his iPod - I called him
a loser.

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